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~Be Careful~

Be careful how you treat a woman Be careful of the promises you make Beware how you fulfil those Because her heart is easy to break. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be empathetic. Be understanding. Listen, listen, simply listen. Just let her be, without judging. She is already juggling with Manifold roles and responsibilities. That nobody knows who has placed, Yet, she has to bear the brunt of these. A mistake here, a taunt there, Tiny sacrifices every other day. Still no appreciation or praise, Bit by bit, kills her away. Hypocrisy, she hates the most Say what you do, do what you say. Big words may get you fame outside, But what you do at home, gives you away. So be honest, my dear friend, With all the promises you make. It will decide if your chosen one, Will love you or hate.


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