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My Happy Book

This book is an ode to every woman facing life's challenges and making the best of them. This is a simple yet detailed book on depression. Why would I call it "My Happy Book" then? Because it shows you how to be happy and remain that way.

It covers everything from what is depression, why it happens, step by step guide showing you what to do if you think you're depressed, from consulting the right doctor to personal strategies for getting out of it. All this and a lot of other questions that you may have are answered in this book. It is intentionally to the point to help you navigate to the important points and information without taking up too much of your time. By a writer who is a woman first.

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Foreword by Dr Rashmin Cholera,
Founder Director, Mindspace Clinic, Mumbai

There are books. And there are books. 


And then, once in a while, there comes along a book which strikes you as nothing but the naked truth. 


It cuts past all pretences and tokenisms. It goes straight to the heart of the matter and strikes the message home. 


Clearly, this is one such book. 


In the course of my academic and clinical career, I have had the opportunity to read many a book on the causes and presentations of depression and various other ailments of brain function. By various experts and luminaries from the field of mental healthcare. 


But, seldom does one read an honest and heartfelt narration from one who has ‘been through the eye of the storm’ as they say. 


And this honesty and personal viewpoint comes across every word and line of this book. 


Nikita has been blessed with an erudite eloquence of expression of feelings and an easy to relate to, yet, an articulate enough flow of words to make this book as informative as it is enjoyable. 


They say that a good book is a quick peep into the soul of a person. 


And, clearly, this book helps you dive deep into her soul to experience the intensity of her feelings, and relive the joy of her journey from despair to acceptance, and eventually to contended resolution of her emotional trails. 


And, the most important take-home from this book is that most people are actually much richer in their emotional health after having gone through this illness and come over to the other side. 


If taken in the right spirit, this illness helps you to become a much stronger and emotionally mature person than you were to begin with. 

In a sense, it’s a revelation.


I’d recommend this book for all as a must-read simple handbook to understand the basics of depression from a lay person’s perspective, but with authenticity. 


And, I wish Nikita all the success that she rightly deserves. 


May you go from strength to strength. 


In today's world where there is information overload through social media ,it's difficult to gauge what's true . During such times a Book like this is a blessing. Being a Dietician I myself come across depression cases more often now than in the past 10 years of my practice. This book is a must read for everyone. Great work keep writing ! 👍

Hitanshi Gaba,
Diet consultant and Lifestyle coach.

The writer has written it in layman terms. Anyone who reads the book can understand how depression can be a silent partner in most of our lives. A must read for those of you going through depression or knows some one who is depressed. It makes it easier to empathise and understand how to go about treating depression.


A very good read on depression. A quick read on what is depression and a checklist of symptoms. Also, How to deal with it!

Preeti Shisodiya

A true guide for depression I must say it gives you the strength to accept it and deal with it. Must read. Depression is a stage of life not its end.

Sneha Mehta

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