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~ It hurts ~

It hurts when you still cannot understand me It hurts when you still need to be told what I need. It hurts when you, after all the effort that I have put in for you, don't know, or rather don't choose to know, what I expect from you. It hurts when day after day, month after month, year after year, you make me feel stale. It hurts when you know all that you do wrong, and yet wish to continue. It hurts when no matter what I say, do, or wish, no longer matters to you. It hurts when you are lost in your own different world. It hurts when I realize that we do not belong to the same world anymore. It hurts that you know it, but you are too busy to care. It hurts that the perfect understanding just went haywire, and I didn't realize when or how. It hurts, hurts more and then a lot more. It hurts that it's too late, I guess, to recover what is lost. Because I was too busy being the perfectly understanding one,  I did not notice when you started overpowering my entire existence, and the whole essence of me was completely lost.


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