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Where do you live - Real or the Virtual World?

Living in the phone

Day in and day out

No time to look up

or go out and about

Getting groceries online

and stationery too

Clothes and bags?

Oh and new shoes

All the TV shows

and movies on the phone

Netflix, Sony, Prime

Are all watched alone

Reading the news

Setting the alarm

All reminders on phone

Lost is the old charm

With the milkman

there is no random chat

or with the friendly grocery guy

who knows your face byheart

The old chemist

who knows your name well

and also knows

on which medicines you dwell

The vegetable vendor

who gave you dhaniya free

now looks out for you

in the bright sun under a tree

The bank manager

knew your name byheart

now wonders about you

because you do it all on the app

There you are

cuddled in your bed

sleeping eating working

all in one place

Then you ask why

you feel low and depressed

Why there is

only loneliness and distress?

Man (and woman)

are meant to be social animals

Show up to the sun and wind

Talk to more people!

The unreal world

cannot be avoided

But only living in it

is disaster invited

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