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What is STOPPING you from getting RICH?

This morning, I went through an Instagram post by the channel Beerbiceps. Before you assume, this is not about beer at all. Beerbiceps is a motivating and inspiring channel for the youth and adults alike, by a lively youngster Ranveer Allahabadia. I highly recommend it.

They showed a graphic that looked quite interesting. Yesterday, I was having a conversation with someone about why some people remain at the same financial level despite seeming to work constantly. Some of the insights we gained are as follows (and they are in sync with Beerbiceps): Lack of enthusiasm Some people just don't have the drive for it. They don't have the enthusiasm to go for it; they don't love what they do or don't do what they love. Or they do not remotely like what they do. Or they just do not have any motivation to earn. They do not have the do or die spirit. And that is an absolute must if you really wish to make it big. You just cannot do without the hunger to achieve.

Making the same errors They make the same mistakes over and over again. Somehow they do not realize that they need to look at things differently and take a different approach. It is possible that the pressure of earning does not let them think clearly. Just stop, think, rethink, and plan differently. Have a plan B if A is not working, and C if B doesn't work either. But keep thinking. Self pity and pressure There, I see you smirk. Self pity is not going to help you in anyway. From a lot of books that I read, most speakers say that if you have nothing to lose, you're already in a great place! So if you're not rich, you don't have anything that you need to give up. So why not try? If you are not in debt, you're already a part of the few happy people of the millions who live in utter poverty or are deep in debt. Buckle up, and be a go-getter. Nothing can get worse, but it can only get better and better from here. I understand that family and society pressure can blur your view. Do not make it your focus, but look at it from a distance. Your center of attention should be your dream, nothing else. Believe in it and it will happen. Get-rich-quick Who doesn't want to get rich overnight? Sadly, the world doesn't work this way. To earn something as well as make it last, there is no shortcut. You have to strive to reach the peak. You must work towards it. Even if, for some reason, you make an achievement without any diligence, it will be temporary. You're bound to have a relapse. Plan, focus, and pursue your goal relentlessly.

Waiting for the right opportunity "I will take up a job that pays me 25000 or more only." "This is not of my stature." "I am not quite interested in something like this." Well, our stomachs can't survive on dreams and thoughts. So while you want to wait  drefor that dream opportunity, do not kick one that can provide you financial stability and make you last while you work towards your goal.

Work smarter and not just harder Having put the previous point, I want to stress on the fact that just working aimlessly will get you nowhere. Chalk out a plan. Say, five years from now where do you see yourself? What do you need to do to get there? What are the steps you need to take on a yearly/monthly/weekly/daily basis to attain your goal? Ponder over it, it is worth it. Even a donkey works hard all its life, but gets nowhere. So have a plan. Know it all... Just because you have a certain academic qualification, specific experience, etc, you think you're an expert and you do not need to learn anything more. That is the biggest flaw. Remember, learning never ends. It is an infinite process. As long as we live, it is important to be open to explore, acknowledge and learn of new avenues, discoveries and technology. Everything is inter-connected. Twenty years ago, who would have thought of wholesalers and retailers of everything in one place, and yet, today we have Alibaba, Amazon and numerous other online shopping sites, don't we? Similarly, it is important to keep your eyes and ears open, listen to the experiences of people, how they overcame their problems, what motivated them, and so on. You never know when what might turn out to be useful for you. A disclaimer: This is not an all-inclusive guide, but a few pointers as to where you might be going wrong. Even if you're able to follow all of these, it will make a lot of difference in your life. Does it work for you? Do tell!


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