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What are the important life lessons I learnt from my kids?

I haven't posted anything about my children on social media, whether on birthdays or any special days for that matter. It made no sense to me because they can't yet read what I post. But I've been meaning to put down something on Facebook (which I did) to serve my memory few years down the lane that reminds me of these fond memories (I trust Facebook will last during my lifetime atleast 😄). Here's what I put up there!

There is so much I've learnt from them, and for that matter, every mother learns from her children.

1. They love unconditionally. Simply no conditions apply.

2. They hold no grudges. They forget within seconds even if you are wrong or hold on to your ego.

3. They see and adapt when they know you're stressed or troubled. They do it so often and I truly get too sentimental looking at their care and concern at just 8 and 5 yrs!

4. They give little surprises, do simple tasks, actually try to understand when you explain something (unlike adults who stick to their views) and try to change their ways.

5. They give you a reason to look forward to your day and make you happy no matter how crappy your day might be 😊

6. They show you how relationships should be. Fight for a minute and be friends in the next. You don't stop fighting but you do not break relationships because of them. You just go on together again and always stand up for each other. They teach you how a family should be.

Lastly, they have been my biggest motivation to get out of my depression and of course, they're the apples of my eye 😍 I cannot thank god enough for such lovely kids who brighten my life everyday with their innocence. Enough cheesiness for the day.

(Except the 1000 curious questions they ask every day which even Alexa will be unable to answer 🧐🙄😂) That's the way it is!

Until next time, take care!


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