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Wedding anniversary

Eleven years of married life trysts In all, fourteen with different twists. My writing captured your mind first, And my thinking stole your heart!  Then whatever happened,  come on, who remembers by heart :P  The important thing here is I still love you, At a much deeper level, as i know more of you. No matter how many long years pass, Everytime we part, I am eager to meet you again, no matter what. I think it's the longing that keeps our relationship alive, And also the debates, chatter and banter alike! Your sweet deep voice still takes my breath away, And your super cute smile makes my day! Remain the same, I would say, Except of course, the few hundred things I want you to change ;D I just love you loads, which you've heard tons of times already, And to hear it many more times in the years to come, be ready :)


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