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Top 5 life skills I learnt from my home maker mother that can be handy even for a CEO

How could I not think of this earlier! Somewhere along our daily lives, things that our parents have taught us keep popping into our heads whenever we are in a dilemma. A lot of those things are from our mother, because she is the one who spends maximum time with us, only because generally, fathers are busy working hard earning for the family. Now things have changed, nevertheless, we are always the sum of the values taught to us by our parents (there are exceptions of course but we will not dwell on that now, nice mathematical pun in that sentence though, isn't it? :)).

So yeah, I am listing a few things here that are prominently in my head whenever I am in a difficult situation or in any day to day life, taught by my mother, for which I will be forever grateful.

1. Resilience and keeping your temper under control

My mom always says, when two people are angry, one must keep quiet. Understand the logic behind this - no matter who it is, when we are angry we are not in the right frame of mind, so it is better not to speak rather than go on venting out things we will regret saying later on. It only aggravates the situation and takes us nowhere. Take time to stop, reflect on the state of affairs and then talk about it when everyone is in a peaceful state of mind.

2. Complete one thing before jumping to the next, and plan

Many of you may disagree, but it is personal choice. Multi tasking is good, yes, but not jumping to another task while forgetting what you were doing in the first place. Do some amount of planning, preparation, and then start executing it.

Spontaneous plans don't always work, and also cause a lot of trouble to many. My mother is not a CEO in a company, but these are all qualities that a great housewife also possesses and applies in her daily life. Though I think she might have made a great CEO too :)

3. Set your priorities

Specially as women, it is all the more important to have your priorities in place. Every family member has different demands for everything.

As humans, it is not possible to cater to everything and remain sane. It is important to decide what is the most important thing that needs to be done? We can't be making desserts at home at lunch time. Because when the stomach calls out in hunger, dessert won't fill your stomach! Or say, we can't be making three different cuisines for everyone at home when there is cleaning to do and kids to attend to.This is just an example, but you get the drift right?

We have to make time for ourselves, our health and entertainment, like we do for everyone else's tasks at home. It is easy to get carried away with the daily demands and fall into a rut and then fall sick. But it is necessary to prioritize.

4. Be detached

Surprise surprise! How is being detached even good?! Well, this is how it works. If you are very emotional and attached, you cannot see anything objectively. You cannot deal with difficult situations in this way. Being detached helps you in two ways, not one!

First, you are not dependent on others for your happiness, since you do not expect from them.

Second, when you are able to step away emotionally, can you actually do the needful in critical situations. I grew up in a joint family where my mother looked after my grandparents, my father and two of us kids. Needless to say, someone or the other was always sick and there has also been a time when my father's life was in danger, but my mother has always fought out bravely in every situation and emerged a winner in it all.

This would never have been possible if she kept brooding about her agony and circumstances. Remember, you can probably reduce someone's pain, but you can never take it away. So being practical and detached to an extent is inevitable.

5. Be accepting, flexible and adaptable

It may sound self explanatory, but there is more to it. In a family, there can be varied situations over time. There maybe financial difficulties, an ailing parent, a troublesome child, and so on.

None of us are immune to any of these and such ups and downs are part of our daily life. Most of the time, it is the primary person in charge of home-the mother, who accepts and adapts according to the situation and ensures that everyone's life is not disrupted due to major or minor troubles. Something to learn from in this COVID 19 situation too!

So yeah, this is all I had to say. And I want to thank my mother immensely for teaching me all these important things whose importance I realized as I went on with life, and have proved to be useful at every step. I hope this helps you all too! Tell me in the comments what is the best thing you've learnt from your mother that keeps you up and going :)

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers! The world revolves around you, don't forget.

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