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Times of Covid-19

These are difficult times to pass Just let the feelings come and pass. What is right or what is wrong You can't decide now, so just move on. There is the pandemic and the numbers But then you even got your slumber! There are people dying, yes, but also recovering, the rest! The skies are blue again & birds so free Animals dancing away in glee. I hear dolphins were sighted on some beach,

And deers in towns, to say the least. Pollution is down like never before Rivers are clean, washed till the shore. Nature is reviving and flowering again The world will do better is certain.

Just dance your blues away, Yes, you'll be in a better place. There will be sun and the light. Just look for it in places right. Go corona, my radio chimes away, Good old shows, the TV plays. People are on messages and video calls Together, we will go through it all. This is a test of survival we need to pass, Remember, tough times do not last. Let's just be humans better, And we will emerge out of this as winners.


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