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Teenage crush

I still remember The late teenage years When I had a huge crush on you

I used to look here And look there Trying to search only you everywhere I used to dress up And yet shy away as such But never really knew if you noticed I tried to talk And near you, walk But couldn't ever get close enough I just wanted to know you better I was not really a go-getter And was always confused how I felt I don't know if that was love And I feel like a mourning dove Though I didn't have a failed relationship It was worse And a lifetime's curse That I remained in suspense forever! Was he aware or he didn't ever see me? Maybe it was never meant to be Would I ever know? When you're in your teens Life is all rosy but in reality, unseen You move on in life and your stories are forever buried. Yet to this day I sometimes wonder If I knew, would it be a hit or a blunder? And yet again I get carried away to my dreamland.


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