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My Yippee Moment :)

I am in the party mode today. Nope, it's not my birthday, or wedding anniversary, or any other birthday or anniversary for that matter. (Just for the record, I do not celebrate or even remember Valentine's or the first time we saw each other or the first time we spoke to each other and such days).

Did I get an award? Nah, that's far yet. So what happened is... I met my psychiatrist today for the usual appointment. He said You're doing very well, brilliant progress. I will reduce one of your medicines to half the dose and see how it goes. And that was my yippee moment! I could dance in joy right then (not literally, of course, but in my head I did leap!). I felt this happy last when I scored 92% in my twelfth standard (maybe I am showing off, maybe not). I almost felt like I've passed a big examination. Just that this is an examination of life itself. It feels great because I have been feeling I am dependent on medicines. But this little achievement makes me believe that it is possible to become independent. The doctor also said But continue being engaged and doing what you're doing, or it may relapse. So what have I been doing? A lot of things, but the important ones would be walking, listening to music, reading (a lot - almost 4 books or more a month), blogging, pursuing online courses, and preparing for my book. So yes, I owe a lot to you all, who have read and liked my written word and motivated me to work harder. A heartfelt thank you to you guys! (and girls and men and women, that's kind of obvious) This is just the stepping stone though. By the time I finish my book, I want to get off medication completely. This is going to be my primary target. Another question that I get asked often is why write a book on depression? There are too many already! I would say yes, there are too many, but I am writing a go-to guide. In this, I will share my own story

  • what exactly is depression

  • how do you identify if you are under depression

  • what do you do about it, other than consulting the specialists, and

  • more reference material in case you want to study things in detail.

  • all this will be in an 

  1. easy to understand layout and 

  2. simple divisions with 

  3. concise descriptions.

I understand that people do not have the time to go through pages and pages of reference material, even if it is for gaining knowledge. And depression is something that needs a lot of awareness right now. My aim here is to make an easily understandable and quick to read book that will not take up too much of your brain or time.  Once again, thank you all for being my audience, it means a lot! Take care


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