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My Fifty Cents


Today is going to be a slightly different blog post from my usual style. I think I will have a series of these posts where I will share some worthy points from notable books/authors/videos in a straight and simple manner, which could be useful to any of us in simple but big ways. It will also help in improving our efficiency, productivity and life skills in general. The first one in the series I want to mention is the audio book by Mel Robbins called Take Control of your life and although I have not finished it yet, there are small points from the book I wanted to share with you all. I will only cover two points so it is not cumbersome to remember and adapt these. The first thing I learnt is what is it that stops us from doing things? How many of us have really given this a thought? What stops you from pursuing that small hobby? What stops you from exercising? What stops you from so many little things you want to do but you are not doing? Say, I love to read. I think I want to read everyday. What is stopping me? Sometimes I think I don't have enough time at hand. At times I feel anyway I will not be able to finish a large chunk of it so I end up not doing it at all. More often, I have spent time in mindless browsing of the phone. There are two things happening here. I am thinking a lot of it. And I am afraid at times. Over thinking and fear are two things that stop us from doing a lot of things. I want to write a book but I am afraid I am not well read and qualified enough to write a distinguished book. So what do I do? I do nothing. I live in fear, I want to but I can't. What if I can never do it? What if I cannot write a great book even if I do write?! See where this is going? So how does this help me in anyway?!! What I should be doing rather, is to think of small steps that will take me to my goal. So first, stop overthinking and stop being afraid, which then takes us to the next step. 

Second thing, take your goal not as a one big mountain you ought to climb, but as small lego blocks that will help you build your ultimate structure. Now consider this - I want to write a book, so if I start right away with the given skills, I may fail and be even more demotivated than I already am. So what do I do? Take smaller steps. Read more books. Have a small goal of reading say 40 pages per day, write blogposts everyday or any other written content, say, articles, poetry, and so on, at say 5 per week. This will not make me a classic writer overnight, of course, but it will certainly keep me on track with my goal of writing a book. I would have read at least 20-30 books in a year and written over 240 pages of content, which is good practice to be focused. I might then take up online courses in writing better. Get the point? Divide your goal into smaller chunks that are more practical, understandable and countable. Slowly revise them as you get better and go to higher levels, and getting to your final goal will be a piece of cake.  I will end the post here, so it's easier for things to sink in :) I hope this has helped you in some way. If you want me to read any other books which you think my readers would benefit from, do tell me in the comments. I will continue this series as and when I find lessons worth sharing. Till then, take care :)


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