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My FAVORITE FIVE Indian YouTube channels About Home Decor, Organisation and more!

As a home maker, I am always trying to do things in a way that I can get more done in less time as well as efficiently. This is what led me to explore a lot of Indian YouTube channels. I was not disappointed.  Off late, a lot of female YouTubers have come up with great content for Indian homemakers, both working as well as SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms). These tips and tricks will be useful for any woman, or even men who manage or are interested in managing and decorating their home efficiently. I will list out a few channels here. Do try these out and tell me if you like them! 1. Simplify Your Space

This channel is managed by a Bangalore based homemaker, who is extremely professional in her videos.  Home organizing, Time management, Goal achieving, Budgeting are only a few of the topics covered by the channel.  My personal favorite is their video on Document Organisation and Digital media organisation that are simply fantastic and rarely covered by anyone. Apart from this, they also have some great motivating and inspiring videos. Another very popular video you will find here is Work from home options for moms. 2. Home Hashtag Life by Jaya

A Hyderabad based homemaker who is very creative and has exceptional talent in home decor.  Look no further than her channel if you are confused about how to decorate which space without spending a fortune and how to organize the smallest of spaces. If you thought that a small home is a hurdle in home organization and beautification, this channel will change your outlook completely.  I especially like the way they've done up the decor of their new house which is not huge, but done up very beautifully. Don't believe me, go check out Jaya's channel. 3. Slick and Natty

A talented woman in Pune is a treasure trove on recycling and DIYs.  How to make a denim backpack out of old jeans, a palazzo out of an old saree, convert men's shirts into a dungaree (Whhatttt? Yes!) and all such amazing DIYs are aplenty in this channel.  She has a collection of product reviews, but not the typical products (e.g. she has review of a washing machine for bachelors or tiny family!), home hacks, lifestyle related videos, skin and hair care videos and so on.  I never cease to be at awe of her talent! Go dive into the creative space. She also has a Telugu and Hindi channel. 4. Saloni Srivastava

Recipes, Finance, Mutual Funds, productivity and self growth videos make her stand out from the other YouTubers. If it's relating to money, you will find quite a lot of gyan here. She also occasionally shares learnings from the books she reads.  Some popular topics that are taking the world by storm, like Minimalism, Essentialism, Side hustle and so on are discussed in her videos.  Don't get me wrong, her videos are not complicated at all. In fact, she makes all the toughest topics easy to grasp. She is as natural and simple as the girl next door, and you will relate to her quite easily.  5. Disha Mishra Dubey

If you're interested in more detailed home decor DIYs, this channel is your go-to.  It has ideas on wall painting, color combinations to use, different traditional art paintings like Pattachitra, Madhubani, Kalamkari, Kalighat, Warli and a number of DIYs.  Immaculate effort goes in creating some beautiful pieces but one look at the finished piece tells us that all the patience and effort was worth it!  I personally have learnt to respect and adore the Indian art forms by following this channel, and not give them a passing in awe of western art forms. No, not all the DIYs are difficult and time consuming. In fact, you should give them a try along with your kids and introduce them to these art forms too. I will end my rat-a-tat here. Other than these, you can also try Garden Up, Her Fab Way and Bowerspace channels on YouTube.  I hope this list turns out to be useful for you. Let me know in the comments below how you find these channels! Take care


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