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Mumbai Local - A Life Of Its Own

The train called the Mumbai Local has a life of its own

A world so vocal, when you're in one, you'll immediately know! 🚂

Whistling away early in the morning with people dressed for work,

so fresh and recharged, like their was never hampered.

Not an inch of extra space here or there,

Yet people will squeeze in and find space in the air.

Smells of soap, perfumes, talcum powder and fresh flowers entice,

Just you wait - there could even be sweat and fish with smells not-so-nice.

A whole new shopping experience awaits you on the train

Women's Accessories, Stationery items, Mobile covers and Earphones, all on sale.

The amount of variety of items and their price

are sure to attract you and give you a surprise. 😲

The local gives a chance to the old woman, young mother and the little boy alike,

to sell their wares and make a life.

The vendors' shop on the train closes and opens in a jiffy,

they're as systematic and smart as any industry!

It is only on the local train you will find

the talent of falling asleep while standing or sitting upright 😴

The getting in and out is so automatic you won't even realise,

To reach Grant Road, be ready at Mumbai Central to alight.

Be cautious on the train to Vasai and Virar

Or you may get sandwiched or beaten up by a regular. 😉

Check before you make a leap for the train that's fast,

Because at the less frequent stations, these will just fly past. 🪁

Book your seat if you're on a long journey on the local,

oh no, I am not talking about the ticket! 🎫

It is the verbal agreement with a short-journey-passenger

who already has a seat! 😊

At the end of a long, hard, working day,

the working women get together here and peel their peas

while also sharing all their grief.

With little time to spare, dinner preparations begin with sorting and chopping the veggies,

while small talk and life updates give them much-needed relief.

It is amazing to see the everyday passengers

stand by and support each other,

oh boy, these train friendships are built to last! 🤝

Of course, no journey is complete without overhearing a foul word or two,

But that's its character, pluses many and minuses a few 😊

People reach their final station with a deep sigh,

content about the day with a small goodbye.

Come sun or rain or even bombs, the Mumbai Local forever moves on,

day in and day out, taking its passengers all along. ♥


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