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In the time of lockdown and quarantine, no more advice!

What are you expecting? More advice on social distancing, masks and sanitizers? Oh no. I am tired of those myself.

I will tell you something you remotely might have thought of, but probably not identified. How do you feel? Yes, everything around is depressing, I will not go on to explain what, you know it already. But there are so many positives I am seeing that we might not have noticed otherwise. Firstly, we are lucky to have a home, a family, relatives, friends, people who care for us and look out for us. It's not just them though. My teacher in college called me a few days ago to check on me. I finished college a full fourteen years ago. Yes, fourteen. Another friend is managing a foundation that is providing food and essentials to day labourers and such who cannot afford to get food because of no day jobs or poor economy. Lot of groups and people are trying to provide food to stray animals.

Doctors - not just the general physicians - but counselors and psychiatrists are also up and alert, because they know that this phase will leave people mentally stricken, anxious and stressed. People are providing food to their watchmen because they know food is not available outside anymore. Maids are asked to stay back home but they will be paid because this is a necessity and not their choice. Employers are asking their poorer employees like drivers and cleaners to ask them for money if need be. Doctors, Bankers, Grocers, Pharmacists are up on their toes, working their butts off for everyone, in spite of all the risks involved. I feel thankful of having a friendly neighbor, who pops in and talks to us, because we cannot resist it. Things feel normal this way, you know? Of course we're maintaining the 'social distance.' Of course, how can I miss the husbands and mothers-in-law who have upped their collars and taken charge of the house with the daughter in law, helping with the cooking, doing the dishes and cleaning!

Thanks to the thousands of people who think they are doing a favour to humanity by sending 'updates' on Whatsapp without verifying information and spreading panic unnecessarily. (yes, this IS meant to be sarcastic. DON'T think those forwards are doing any good!) Good intentions should be supplemented with intelligent actions, not impulsive ones. But on a positive note, I also see lots of jokes and funny memes, videos and calls that distract us from the ongoing humdrum, which lightens up the atmosphere quite a bit. Suddenly, I feel proud to be an Indian and of our culture and values. When tragedy strikes, it actually unites us all in an invisible bond and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy, you know? :) In a way, I feel gratitude for all that I have, that we have, and we all share as Indians, which few countries can boast of. The others may have technology, but we have the values, the morals, the humility and most importantly, humanity, which keeps everything on earth alive. Let's celebrate this virtue together! And remember, this too shall pass :) God bless us all. Take care! PS: Yeah, you still need to stay at home


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