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If a man appreciates you, is he always flirting with you?

It's nice to feel wanted

And have your blessings counted

Whether human or animal,

this expectation is real

When someone notices you out of the blue

and appreciates you for the work you do

Or they just look at you

and think that you are beautiful!

Ladies, let me tell you this

when a man tells you or your work is lovely, miss,

he's not always flirting with you

or trying to get his hands on you!

Is it not human to appreciate something witty or pretty

When you see, like, and admire it - right?

It doesn't mean he wants to entice,

A simple admiration is just that - a guy being nice!

When the same happens to a man (brother/husband/friend),

you think he is attractive so it is natural for a woman

to be drawn to him and be friendly

and share one or things many.

So when you get a compliment,

please do not be indignant,

be thankful for having admirers around,

and take the opportunity to make friends abound!


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