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I want more, so I need more

The more I have, the more I want. The newest, latest, devices & gadgets haunt. Everytime, I feel, "Yes! This is the thing! That will make my life easier, happier and get my jobs done in a wink." On an impulse, I buy the stuff. Dreaming of the luxury in the life after. The product arrives, With no bounds to my joys. The beauty unravels before My very eyes. The novelty fades, And expectations die. This wasn't such a great idea After all, I think. Never mind, sometimes we make The wrong decisions. I'll be more careful next time And not waste a penny or dime. Oh but just look at that new thing! Don't you think it's fascinating? This looks truly commendable So practical and functional! It is an investment and not an expense I convince myself to go ahead and spend. What I do not realise at all Is the vicious cycle that goes on and on. Getting more things and spending more money Takes me nowhere, honey! Keep it simple and keep it straight. The easier I go, the lesser the weight Of piling stuff and rising expenses That only multiply my tensions. The good old broom and old towel for the mop My easy washing machine and the old gas stove Serve their purpose well and don't cost me a fortune Neither to purchase nor to maintain! So does the phone I took a year ago And the TV set that will anyway have my shows I don't need GBs on wifi either Mobile data is doing much better! I know the story gets too long, But my dear friend, do hear me out! Before you spend even a penny, Ask yourself do you REALLY NEED it?


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