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How to kill time

This is a new one for you, na? I know you know about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Video games (not hamare zamane ke, but newer ones, Game of Thrones types) and so on. I will show you more innovative ways to kill time. Go to Amazon. No no, don't buy stuff. Just check out things. It could be anything - photo frames or laptops or cleaning brush or storage basket or bean bags. Add whatever you like to your wishlist. Now check the list everyday. Whenever the price of any item drops, it will show you, price decreased by x% since item added. When you think you can finally afford it, buy it. Or you could just continue to dream of buying it someday. I promise you, it is the most efficient way to kill time. I myself have purchased things like this, including my desk, yes!

Now try Kindle app or store or Goodreads, if you are a reader. Check out tons of books. Look at their reviews and ratings. Check out the description. See the price. Think whether you like it. If you like it, is it of any use to you? It is not of any use, but it is very cheap and at a huge discount and has high ratings and good reviews. Never mind, just buy it! This has two benefits, kill time and waste money. Or again, you could just stare at different books and their prices everyday and dream of reading them all someday. Yes, hum honge kamyaab ek din! (We shall overcome someday!) Now open the Google play store on your android phone or the iOS if you have an iPhone. Check out the new yoga or fitness or dating or planner or self development or gaming or educational or intellectual or stupid apps. Check how much memory they will eat up on your phone. Check if it is free. It has to be, who spends money on phone apps? (You do? Go on, spend, my friend, spend!) Check if it is useful for you. It has high ratings and the right MBs and is free too. But there is a better app but it costs money and more memory. Shut it out of your mind. Save the money! Once I did not save the money, spent Rs 2000 on an app for thyroid and fitness diet, and it gave me quinoa, muesli, flaxseed, cornflakes and toast recipes. I uninstalled it, obviously. You think someone eating roti, curry, rice and curd everyday can survive on these foreign cereals and manage a house and two kids? Oh yes, fitness freaks can! But me, no thank you, I need more energy than yoga bars can provide. I might as well munch on almonds and pistas. Anyway, coming back to the point, so much to explore on Google Play/iOS too.

There is more - Google music, Amazon music, Saavn, Gaana, Wynk, etc. Go to them all, switching between one app to another, checking out 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, music and so on till you're so confused as to what is it that you really want to listen to because you have everything at your fingertips! Check out YouTube. How to lose belly fat, how to impress your girlfriend, how X got rich in a day, how to make a lantern out of ants (this is a joke, of course.), so on and so forth. Look at all the goals of your life here and promise yourself you will do it all, soon, very soon. Still got time at hand? This one is going to take the award in time killers. Yes, Netflix, Amazon Prime! Movies, television series, name it and you have it there. One, two, three, four, hours upon hours of killing time, so well that you won't know when your baby peed or cried or even fell off the bed (wake up, my dear, wake up, the baby is wailing and disturbing the neighbours and it is 1 am.) After all this, if you still have time, my dear friend, just check if you're on earth or in heaven. Take care!


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