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How to deal with CRITICISM?

Well, I've been slightly put off. Someone criticized me and I was like "Hey, what do you even know about me!" in my mind. Somewhere I guess that got stuck. Subconsciously I fed into my mind that maybe I am not so good at what I do. Maybe I am taking it too far. Maybe that person was right. Then my sensible brain tried to pitch in, "Look, you could try to get some sense out of it and try to get better," to which my angry side responded "Get lost."

Yeah, we all have been through it sometime. Since then I have been wondering bitterly, WHY. Not about why the person condemned me, but what is the purpose of this whole thing. Of me doing what I want and why? It took quite some reading and random screen time (no TV for me, I am addicted to Skillshare now) to ponder over it. Too much importance. We give too much importance to ourselves, Mark Manson says in his book "The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck." Just to think of it, whenever any incident sparks our anger or triggers us, think, will this matter five or ten years later? And you'll find your anger melting away. This also does not mean I am amazing and excellent at everything and I need no advice, or I am going to dramatically change the world by doing what I do, or become the next Prime Minister (meh!). Remember the Hindi song, Kuchh to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna (People will always say something, it is their work to talk), and I marvel at the person who wrote it (Anand Bakshi), because it holds true for time immemorial.

Cutting the long story short, as long as you believe you're doing something meaningful and like doing it, it is worth it. If you make even one person smile or change perspective in a positive way, or add meaning to their life, it is still worth it. People will talk. They will ridicule and criticize you. They may think you are worthless. But never give up. Believe in yourself. Test your limits. Test the waters. Go beyond the ordinary. Keep trying until life sucks everything out of you. Don't bother. When you die, you will be content, you will never regret, because you TRIED. Some people spend their entire life trying to find their purpose, some constantly try to find faults with others, and some just go with the flow without ever thinking over their life. So you see, only people with purpose and passion struggle and get somewhere. People who do things differently are always criticized. So the next time you are criticized, take it as a compliment and move on. There is more to your life than a criticism.


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