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How LOVE changes YOU and how TIME changes LOVE

Fast forward by ten years. You're away from each other for say 15 days. Do you wish the usual Good mornings, Good nights, Love you honey, Miss you, Take care, Eat on time, I-am-so-worried-because-you-sneezed (I always found this super cheesy, even during my courtship days. No offence intended!) so on and so forth? Now you'll say, are you kidding me?! How can you be so jobless! Before you ridicule me, please rewind to your courtship days, alright? So yes, we have so much more responsibility, of the parents, of the kids, earn money, manage the house, pay the bills, buy groceries, walk the dog... Phew. It even sounds so tiring. There is no time for silly romancing. So what happened to all the love? Did it die? What do you think?

I pondered over it for a while too. And got my answer as well. It doesn't die, but love matures. Yes, your partner may not wish you good mornings and nights anymore, but leaves a silent kiss on your cheek when you fall asleep dead tired as soon as you hit the bed. When you know your partner is having a hard time, you don't ask too many questions, you give him/her their space and allow them to talk when they want to. When you know that in your absence, she will look after the elders and kids well. When you know that wherever he goes, you can trust him to belong to only you and never doubt him. When you need "me time" and he is ready to babysit the kids on his only holiday. When you are together in nurturing a family and taking up responsibilities together without cribbing about the lack of time. When you know that even when you are not talking for hours together everyday, in your heart you love and care for him and rest assured that she is safe and sound. When he knows that just because you're on a holiday with the kids, you're still on duty because being a mother is a full time job, and he appreciates it in his mind. Time brings maturity to love, and once it comes in, you don't always need words to convey it, because you can feel it every single day. Take care.


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