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How I Gained Weight

What is so difficult about gaining weight? Just eat a lot - junk or healthy - and add to your weight. But I beg to differ!

While I write this, I stand at 52 kg and a few more grams. I have always been the slim and petite types. When I got married, I weighed around 43 kg. Everyone is slim during their wedding, what's new? I maintained an average of 45 kilos even after two children and for almost ten years post wedding. Then I started gaining weight. And how did that happen? Anti-depressants. In short, my medication for depression. I have been gaining weight slowly over the past few months (or shall I say rapidly!). The impact of it struck me only in the past few weeks. The dresses and blouses I wore since college fitted me till I turned 32! And suddenly all the mechanics changed. Now whenever I took a dress out to wear, it didn't fit well, and unlike before when generally most were loose, turns out now they were tight, or too tight. Not only tops, but the bottoms too! Pants, Churidars, Jeans, Trousers, heck, what DO I WEAR! I felt like From XS, I had to move to M. One fine day, my daughter looks at my legs and tells me, mamma, you've got elephant legs! And the "well-meaning" visitors and relatives give me a lecherous look and say"You look nice now, you should maintain this weight." And I was like You know what I mean. One of the building aunties said "See, now you know what troubles we have while getting dressed! Nothing fits or looks good." How considerate. This lesson was so important for me to know troubles faced by obese or let's say imperfectly-shaped people. Wow.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that I would get bulky. My BMI says my weight is perfect, of course. But then BMI cannot track your proportions or curves, so it really doesn't count for me. I also realize that the last few extra kilos are making me tired and lethargic, and reminded me that I have also been skipping my walks for whatsoever reasons. So here I am, from being underweight, to having lot of extra fat and weight in all the wrong proportions (almost 10 kgs!), and yes mommies, I do know how it feels 😐. So I have made a new mission, of getting back in shape. My primary concern is being fit. I need to 

  • walk five days a week, 8000 steps per day

  • do all the relevant exercises at least for 10 minutes per day, again 5 days a week

  • keep track of my weight and measurements once every week.

So here goes. If any of you are facing the same issues and want to make this your focus too, let's do it together! Comment below or tell me personally through email/message. The more, the merrier! All the best to us. Take care. PS: Did I tell you my doctor has reduced yet another tablet from my medication? No? Well, yes, he did. He also said I am doing very well. So another milestone crossed there!😊


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