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Five ways to destress, calm down and reenergize yourself

Whether you are a student, employee, businessman(or woman) or homemaker, you always have some stress and pressure. Some amount of stress is good for working well, but an overload of stress may lead to mental health issues, inefficiency and low productivity.

Here are some ways in which you can choose to unwind and relax.

1. Sleep

The most underrated but essential factor in reducing stress is sleep. The lack of sleep causes irritation and anxiety, leading to headaches, lack of focus and so on. While many may argue they have a lot to do and there is no time to sleep, it is crucial that you sleep well to perform your tasks better. When you are not in the best of moods and energy, you are halfway low on productivity and in spite of spending more time, you can get less work done. So try it today - sleep well and get on your horses!

2. Music

This was the most common answer on my Instagram handle when I asked my followers about their ways of destressing. And rightly so! Music is scientifically known to calm us and alter our moods. Just observe yourself before and after listening to your favourite songs and you will know!

I used to listen to music when practising Math problems in my college days. Now I listen to music while travelling, showering, walking, or simply whenever I need some inspiration when writing or to calm myself down during stress.

Music transports you to a different world and can transform your temper completely. For me, listening to Bollywood music from my childhood, teenage and adolescence works very well. It definitely improves my Oxytocin levels, and I'm sure music will improve yours too :) Just don't listen to sad songs all the time :D

3. Exercise, Swim or Dance

Basically, indulge in any physical activity! An exercise or workout pumps up your endorphins and makes you feel good. When you feel good, obviously you're taking less stress and getting relaxed.

Choose something that doesn't feel like work to you. Do yoga, cardio, swim, dance, or just walk. But move your body enough. It greatly helps in regulating the nervous system and you also get good health as a bonus.

4. Talk to someone

This is originally not my idea - but very relevant I think. Some people mentioned talking to reduce their stress. One person feels that talking to someone who actually listens to him makes a lot of difference. Basically, it means venting out to someone trustworthy so that you feel lighter and more prepared to face your challenges.

Another kind of talking would be conversing about something positive or productive. I mean who would feel good after a gossip session and a lot of negativity? Nope - sometimes it is better to stick to talking about nicer things and automatically it puts you in a better state to deal with the worse things.

But a word of caution here - do not always avoid talking about your problems because it will lead to mental health issues in the long run. Talking may not solve all your issues but it definitely helps in feeling lighter and getting better clarity on the problems at hand.

5. Some tools and techniques

a) This is an uncommon but effective way of feeling better. Observe the things around you. Go for a walk in nature. Look at the sky. If you are indoors, randomly choose a colour and find how many objects of that colour are around you in the room or place. All these help with anxiety and stress.

b) You could also try EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping. Generally, professionals guide you with it, but you could try some basic techniques by looking up information here (video) or here (text). In this method, you are supposed to tap on some points on your body a certain number of times, depending on your requirement. Performing EFT repeatedly is known to greatly reduce your distress and improve your mood.

To conclude, let's face it - stress is an inevitable part of our lives. But it is important to learn to deal with it, lest we allow it to take over our lives completely. After all, some amount of stress is healthy. Just do not allow it to overpower you. Try these methods and see what works for you. If you have any other ideas, let me know in the comments. Hope this was helpful. Take care.

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Unknown member
23. Dez. 2022

All of the above points are definitely great ways to minimise stress. 👌🏻 I find that taking time to read of an evening really helps me unwind from my day and even sets me up well for the next day. ☺️

Gefällt mir
28. Dez. 2022
Antwort an

That's nice to hear Lela Marie. Good to know you are aware what helps you unwind and it is working well for you :)

Gefällt mir
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