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Don't be the judge and always put people in a box out of sheer habit

I was randomly watching an episode of The Bold Type on Netflix and The Round Table of Behensplaining, again by Netflix. And this struck me all of a sudden. We always want to put someone in a box and categorize them simply because it is so easy to.

It is still difficult for us to accept that one person is capable of wearing many hats at a time and can have varied opinions and talents. Say,

  • a homemaker cannot be an entrepreneur, or

  • a career oriented woman cannot be traditional, or

  • someone who is always in western attire isn't religious, or

  • A thorough professional, specially female, cannot cook or manage the house.

These are just a few examples, or approximations. If you observe yourself, you will notice we do it quite subconsciously. Not just women, we might think of men the same way.

If men talk freely with women or in a humorous manner, they maybe termed as flirtatious. If they cook, people say they're homely (what does it even mean?).

Why do we have the immense need to do so? When I pondered over it, I realized it is mostly because I want it to be easier for me to understand and know people better in a short span of time, which of course is the wrong way to go about it. It is next to being judgmental and definitely not a good thing to do. So what do we do? Don't assume and take your time in knowing people before jumping to conclusions. As simple as that!

What are your thoughts on this? Do tell me :)


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