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A break

I need a break from the humdrum of life

I don't mean a holiday

To Mauritius or Maldives

I just need some time off, a leave from home.

Time off from responsibility, far away and alone.

Time to recharge and rejuvenate 'me', without a worry,

Just relax and recuperate.

For once, I don't want to do the thinking, planning, organising.

Just lay down and wish someone else took care of the rest, while I ponder over what I wish to do in my time of freedom,

While not worrying about anyone's office, school, illness or classes,

Or cooking, cleaning, getting things done,

Or repairing, refilling, maintaining stuff,

Or the innumerable tasks and demands that pop up every single day that fill my mind with nothing but work

and eat up all my energy, leaving me none to spend on my hobbies, passions, and goals.

The little things that drive me away

from the big picture

of what I actually intend to do with my life!

Which is why - I need a break!


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