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Walk your woes away

In order to complete my step count, it is necessary for me to go for a walk everyday, unless for some exceptional reason I have reached my target. Of course, like everyone else you see on the street, I too go with my earphones in my ears, listening to music. There's a nice round street which is strangely quiet and dim lit, with very few vehicles coming in, because the road leads to nowhere! So this has become a sort of my zen. I enjoy this period of being alone. Although the phone is still with me (the phone is as good as a whole person, because it has taken over our lives in a big way, but I'll leave that for another day!), I use it just to sync with my band and listen to music (I use the Mi fitness tracker, which I think is the cheapest branded fitness band!).

Now coming to the music, I am a fan of purely Hindi Bollywood music. The only other songs I know must be those I learnt in school?! Of course, I do not like all of them. I love tons of songs, but I am horrible at names of actors/movies/directors and so on. So if you ask me which movie was the song Main koi aisa geet gaoon from, I won't know (Sorry Shahrukh, but I do remember seeing your face in that song!). I love the songs from 90s since that was my phase of growing up. Even now I choose to put on Amazon music 90s bollywood and walk, and I simply love it! One of my favourite mixes was that of Ek pal ka jeena and taal. It makes me tap my feet to this day! Of course, there are songs by Shaan, Dance masti mix, Bombay Vikings songs. And the all time favourites

  • Pehla nasha

  • Humma humma

  • Kehna hi kya

  • Meri mehbooba

  • Dil se

  • Chhaiya chhaiya

  • Do dil mil rahe hain

  • Ho nahi sakta

  • Jab koi baat bigad jaye

  • Jo haal dil ka... 

You get it, right? Already I feel I am floating in the air with soulful music :) Nothing peps me up like good music. And if you have good speakers, I might just tap my feet a bit too. I love to dance (alone, please). So the whole point here is - it's good to be alone. I think everyone needs to be alone for a while and shut out from their routines to be able to think clearly and sort out mental clutter. Now that I try to be more regular with walks, I realise how it makes me feel good, more productive and gives me clarity with my thoughts.

I follow some YouTube channels regularly and I have learnt that to be more efficient and productive, it is better to maintain a planner, or even a plain notebook for that matter and just note down the things you plan to do. Although I have been trying to follow this, I am not doing it as often as I ought to, but I have definitely seen some improvement in terms of task completion in less time.

Writing things down makes you more serious about doing things, even if it is as simple as washing your bike or cleaning your cupboard. There are lots of things you could do with a good planner, which reminds me of a Youtube channel by Saloni srivastava, wherein she has designed a planner herself, but taking a look at it, you could get good ideas as to what and how to put into a planner.

I received a lovely planner as a gift from my sister, which has more of colours and doodles, and if you like such things, you will love Alicia Souza's collection too! I had bought a journal from the same in Bangalore and it was extremely beautiful.

I have NOT been sponsored by any of the brands/channels mentioned here. I happen to like them, so I am suggesting these. Do take a look and tell me what you think. I am so excited to use my new planner.

(By the way, this planner is a birthday gift that is two months late :D)

Take care guys, and tell me what you think!


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