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The Window

I sometimes look at the window opposite to mine

Not because I am keen, but because of the loud noises and the fights

Mostly it is all calm and quiet

When a regular day transpires

But on some days out of the blue

I hear rising voices and arguments, a few

Slowly the situation escalates

There are accusations and blame games.

Though not I hear what it is all about,

I can feel the emotions throughout

Probably pent-up feelings and wishes

Probably some hidden sorrows and life's glitches

The anger and the frustration

The helplessness and the desperation

Sometimes, it is not about right and wrong,

It is about the life we long

The gap that exists between the dream and the reality

Creating all the hostility

The loud noises and banging bring me back

And again I can feel the personal attacks

I look down, feel sorry, and silently pray

That the ongoing storm doesn't cause much hurt and goes away

Of course, after some time, everyone goes silent

And I sigh in relief, the storm has finally elapsed.

For many days I don't hear a thing

And think, after all, some happiness life does bring


Jul 27, 2023

Well Expressed👌

Jul 28, 2023
Replying to

Thank you 😊

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