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Paper - my true friend

Someone asked me how can you put down your feelings so easily on paper.

And I thought, what else can be done when there are no takers!

The paper won't refuse when I want to write,

In fact, it will welcome me with arms wide.

Whether it is good or bad, I maybe happy or sad

It could be what I wanted or what I had.

Beginning from the universe to the hometown,

Anything I want, I can simply put it down.

I needn't even fear any reaction,

For it gives me full freedom of expression.

Allowing me to say everything I otherwise could not,

Either because I can't or because I should not.

Someday, by my side, friends & relatives may not be.

But even then, a paper will still be with me.

Although I know, not a word does it understand,

In spite of it, to heal my wounds, it lends me a hand.


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