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Cherishing Moments with My Little Sister

When she was born, I didn't know better.

Maybe I felt like a mere onlooker.

But as time passed, I fell in love, with her chubby cheeks and innocent smile,

Her playfulness and her trusting eyes.

I suddenly felt older and more responsible,

For my little companion who wasn't yet so able.

Slowly, she grew and began to understand,

Whatever the situation, she knew, didi will lend me a hand.

I have been her buddy, her mother, even a kid sometimes, in all!

Funny how we can play all the roles, when we are still playing with dolls.

People always said, "Don't you want a brother?,"

and we said, "Oh please, we need no other!"

We never felt the need of tying threads or giving gifts,

because we were always there when the other needed a lift.

I still remember when we cooked up recipes together,

that were sometimes a hit and at others, disasters!

We made together, greeting cards for birthdays and anniversaries,

and also threw a surprise birthday party for grandpa's diamond jubilee.

We tried every new treat together, chips or chocolates or ice creams,

and those tasted best because we were always a team.

I remember the day she was stunned by a first crush joke,

And when I confided mine, which she already knew, into a laughter she broke!

The little secrets, the little lies and little crimes,

all the sweet little things that are left behind in time.

All was well until one day we grew up and everything was gone,

into the realm of adulthood, and our childhood became memories bygone.

No person and no thing can replace the time we have together had,

though I wish, to go back in time, there was a hack!

Well, no matter where we are or will be, she knows,

Didi will always lend a hand.


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