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Depression - what is it?

Depression - what is it?

It is an impression of being ill,

not physically but mentally.

The whole world seems to come to an end.

Life seems to have no meaning

and death maybe our only aim.

It only comes to mind

how many people hate us

or it may seem

nobody likes us.

We are a person

not required in this world,

still living,

our brain may stir.

But these are illusions

given to us by depression

And all we can see

Is only negativity.

We forget to recognize

the positive aspects of life.

The best way to drive away

the wriggly creature called depression

Is to forget the cause of it,

Forget all the sad things.

remember all the goodness,

and all the things good

seen and done by you.

And you will recognize

the beauty of life.

You will know nothing is good or bad.

It seems to be what we make it.

Nature serves as a good healer.

The sunshine, trees, flowers and birds

bring a new spirit in you

and a feeling of hope

which can fight and win over

the germ called depression.

PS: Believe it or not, I wrote this when I was 16. Really!


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