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Here's how a writer blogger perceives, interprets & analyzes her surroundings. Here, you will read her insights, interesting information, poems, stories - all in an engaging style that is bound to fascinate you.
Who is she?
Expressionist. If that's a word.

A very expressive writer. When you read her poems you feel quite attached. The pieces of writing are informative and simple. Added humour in her stories and writing makes you smile. Overall, a good expressionist and entertainer!

Her blogs are very well articulated and communicated in a very simplified and thought provoking manner.

Meeti Shah

She is surely an expressionist! Her writing connects on an emotional level. It’s always on point and inspiring. She is able to smoothly craft the content that is concise, creative, heartfelt and so relatable. Keep writing and keep spreading the smiles :)

Preeti Shisodiya,

Creative Entrepreneur

Jwala Nayak,

Pharmaceutical professional

Jhanvi Shah

Content Writer

Your blogs are simple and informative.They bring out the difference between what we expect and what life actually is. I love to read them as they inspire me. To me they act as guide and provide reality checks about life.

Raji Christine Barretto, Market research professional

Nikita has had a good command over English from a young age. Her articulation and lucid thoughts are a delight to read. She shows her mastery in understanding the topic and puts it out in a neat and methodical manner. Her selection of topics is directly related to our daily lives. She has beautifully written about feminism. Her experience with her combat with depression is honest and an eye opener. It takes guts to write about such an experience. She puts in the right amount of humour wherever needed. Reading her blogs makes you feel like taking in a breath of fresh fragrant air in the garden.

Vinay Trivedi,

HR head, Tonetag

Being simple is the most complicated thing in this world today! We want rocket science in everything we do, we believe if it’s not complex then it’s not worth!

Your thoughts are a word of fresh air when you bring in simplicity in the way you express your thoughts on day to day topics

Keep them going, keep them simple, keep writing, keep inspiring!

Kusum Singh, Banker

Your writings are a true delight to read. I specially liked your poems. Even the strongest of messages are conveyed in a very calm and serene manner. Your articles always leave the reader with more insight on the topics you touch. You are a positive soul and it reflects strongly in your posts, be it the acknowledgement of little delights in a routine day or your way of encouraging the readers to just lead a happy life in their own ways. A person like you can suffer from clinical depression is a real shocker. I am sure you have put up a tough fight against it so far. Kudos!


Thanks for your interest in My Sense Says. For any queries, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!


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